Become a foster parent

If you are looking to become a foster carer, we can help you start your journey.

We want to provide you with all the information we can, along with the next steps. Below, we cover the fostering process to get you on your way to becoming a foster carer. If you would like to learn more about fostering then feel free to download our Guide to Fostering using the button below:

man carrying daughter in black sleeveless top

Step 1

Contact us and your initial enquiry

Contact us through our Call Back Request, or feel free to call or email us directly.

We will provide an information pack and follow up to organise a suitable time to call you. Take your time, as the process is for you, and is going to help make a real difference to a child or young person.

Step 2

Telephone call, where we discuss the fostering process

We will give you a call to cover your initial questions, and discuss the fostering journey and whether it’s right for you.

We can also talk you through the key requirements, how this will impact you, the positives and the next steps.

Step 3

Your home visit

This would involve spending time together to discuss your fostering interest further, and cover the process in more depth.

This includes getting to know each other, and a greater insight into what you can expect from fostering. This can be through a face-to-face meeting at your home, or a video call. Allow for up to two hours overall for your questions and additional information on fostering.

Step 4

Apply to Foster

Once you have agreed to meet the criteria to become a foster carer, and you are committed to making the difference to children through fostering, you would complete an application form to start the step-by-step process.

We will be on hand to help you complete this, so don’t worry if you need to ask questions.

Step 5

Your fostering assessment

After receiving your application form, we will start your assessment process and complete your checks, references and ask for your medical information.

You will be allocated a skilled fostering assessor that will visit you to go through an assessment process to determine your suitability to foster. This will, of course, be a two-way process.

We will also invite you to attend our Skills to Foster training program. This will be focused on training to prepare you to foster, and build on your skills further. All you need to do is put the time aside and make the most of the knowledge, experience and time spent with other potential foster carers.

Step 6

Panel meeting and presentation

Following completion of your assessment and training, your application will be presented to the Beacon Fostering panel.

This covers all your information about becoming a foster carer, and allows for questions through the discussion.

Step 7

Decision process

The fostering panel, when recommending the approval to become foster carers, will share this with the agency decision maker. The decision maker is independent, and will confirm the approval to become foster carers.

Step 8

Approval and fostering

Following approval, you may now foster your first child or young person after a suitable match is made.

We will also build on your training further, allocating you relevant courses, and assign you with a dedicated social worker to support you every day.

If you feel ready to become a foster parent, reach out to us at Beacon Fostering to start the process.