Why Foster?

Benefits of becoming a foster carer

If you are considering becoming a foster carer with Beacon Fostering, you’ll be pleased to hear that there are many benefits to this pursuit.

From developing lifelong relationships to generous allowances and support networks, here are the benefits of fostering children and young people.

Training and support network

Our foster carers are part of our wider fostering network in the North West.

Not only will you undergo training with them, there’s the opportunity to participate in events with other foster families, as well as regular meetings with your designated social worker.


We provide a generous allowance for foster carers, based on whether or not the children have additional needs. It is divided into the ‘allowance’ and ‘reward’ elements – the former is for necessities and the latter is what remains afterwards, to recognise your efforts.

A rewarding experience for all sides

Fostering children in need can be a rewarding experience for all those involved. For the carers, it is an opportunity to provide a young person with a loving, stable home environment, and subsequently, a positive start in life they may not otherwise have.

Flexibility in types of fostering

There are different types of fostering, to accommodate various homes, families and carer preferences. There is short term (one night to a few months), long term (several years), emergency (which arises on very short notice) and respite (lasting for a day to a few weeks, either as a break for the carers, or for the young person to spend time away from their bio families).

Whatever your situation, you can be sure that Beacon Fostering will be there to support you. Reach out today for more information.