Preparing to Foster

Can I choose my foster child?

Whether you are considering fostering, or are just getting started in your foster care journey, you may be wondering if you can choose the child that you will be fostering.

Below, we will look at whether this option is available, along with matching carers to children with unique and specific needs and requirements.

Choice and preferences

Although you can’t typically choose the age of the child or children you foster, you will be able to list your preferences with the agency, and they will try to match the child to the household based on this, along with the racial and cultural backgrounds of both sides.

Although fostering agencies always try to match the child with a family of a similar background, the wide range of foster children from different walks of life mean that carers should be prepared and open to foster a child of any race, culture or religion.

Number of children

You can foster more than one child at once, and alongside any of your biological children, if you have them. There is also the option to foster sibling groups, which ensure that siblings stay together for consistency and comfort, in spite of being away from their family of origin.

If you are going to foster another child in addition to your existing placement (or alongside your own biological children), assessments will take place to ensure that it will work for the whole family.

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