Case Studies

The team at Beacon Fostering has successfully supported these foster carers through their direct work and experience. Please see the amazing stories and achievements received from fostering!
Photo by Marina Abrosimova
Photo by Mark Zamora
Photo by Adib Harith Fadzilah
Young person Claire has been supported by her foster carer for over ten years from 2013.

She is now aged 17, and is making excellent progress in her education and personal development. In the last academic year, she secured 7 GCSEs and is now attending college to study for Applied Business.

Claire has ambitions to go to university and is receiving a bursary to support her studies. She is learning to drive, and working part time, too. She enjoyed a recent amazing school trip to South America.

Her achievement and progress are down to the excellent support from her foster carer, Anna. She has been approved and supporting young persons for 12 years. Anna completes regular training, and is active in attending support groups. She successfully cared for Claire from a young age, and they have a real connection together culturally and personally.

The fostering journey for carer Rosie and Peter started at the end of 2022 with their enquiry and initial visit to explore fostering.

They were new to fostering, and found the initial visit stage really helpful to cover questions and explore fostering further. They decided it would be a great choice for them, and rewarding. Their assessment was started and completed over several visits together from their social worker assessor. They also completed Skills To Foster training.

Rosie and Peter were presented to panel in May 2023 and recommended for approval. Their induction followed, and they were allocated a training plan.

Their first placement started in June for a sibling group of three young persons, aged 6, 8 and 10, all being sisters. The children are doing well, attending school and having contact with their birth mother.

Rosie and Peter are making a real difference, and went from first being interested in fostering to supporting children in less than one year – but with taking all the right steps, being well matched for their placement and completing training.

Foster carer Carl was being supported by another fostering agency before looking to transfer to a new agency.

He was looking for better help with educational support for the young persons placed with him and his fostering allowances. Carl was successfully approved and transferred with two young persons in placement. There was a transfer protocol meeting with both the Local Authorities and fostering assessment completed. Extra support and increased allowances were both organised and within the agency fostering payment levels.

Carl has continued to foster for 10 years and has successfully supported 14 young persons across this time. He goes the extra mile for the young persons and has achieved excellent outcomes. He currently has two young persons with him aged 15 and 16, both brothers from birth.

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