Guide To Fostering

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Therapeutic foster care – what you need to know

Therapeutic fostering refers to fostering children who have gone through particularly challenging experiences….

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Fostering children from the Muslim faith

Children who come into foster care have a wide variety of cultural backgrounds, and when a carer is looking after a child…

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How to choose a fostering agency

Now that you have decided to foster with an agency, you’re probably wondering where to look….

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Types of foster placements

Children often come into care for a variety of reasons….

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Council fostering vs agency fostering – what’s the difference?

If you are thinking of fostering, you may be confused by the different types available….

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Is there an age limit to becoming a foster carer?

Many people may be under the impression that you need to be a certain age to…

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“All foster kids are troubled”: Debunking the myth

There is a common misconception surrounding those in foster care….

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