Foster Allowance Calculator

To give you an idea of the expected payment you can receive from fostering, please try our Fostering Payment Calculator below.

This provides an annual fostering payment figure depending on the number of children you care for and their age.

How many children children are you caring for / do you plan on caring for?

What is the age range of these children?

You could receive around
per year for your fostering payment.

Please contact the team for further information.

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Your foster carer payment covers your reward element and also the fostering allowances that you need to pay on behalf of the child or young person. Please see our page on fostering allowances for more information.

Other considerations can increase your fostering payment to a higher amount including:

• If you are supporting a child or young person with complex or enhanced needs, supporting a parent and child placement or it is a solo placement

• Any extra or additional support payments

• Your fostering experience

Please contact a member of your Beacon Fostering team to ask about your carer payment and rates. We pay up £750 per week for Therapeutic Placements supported by our foster carers.

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