Foster Care Fortnight 2024

Since 1997, The Fostering Network has run the campaign Foster Care Fortnight to raise awareness of the process of fostering and its impacts on the lives of children and carers alike.

This year, the fortnight started on Monday, 13 and will run until Sunday, 26 May.

The theme is #FosteringMoments, which seeks to celebrate the positive memories and events of those involved in fostering.

For a carer, it could be when they were approved or when they received their first charge, while for a young person, it could be that moment they first felt as if they were part of a happy, functioning family.

What is Foster Care Fortnight?

While celebrating foster care, the fortnight seeks to hopefully persuade people who are contemplating entering the field to do so.

Given that there are an ever-increasing number of children and young people entering the foster system, there is subsequently a need for more foster carers up and down the country.

Those who are particularly in need include disabled children, sibling groups, teenagers and unaccompanied asylum seekers.

The event seeks to promote how fostering can change, as well as improve, lives on both sides.

Getting involved

There are various ways to get involved with Foster Care Fortnight 2024’s #FosteringMoments.

You can write to your local politician (a councillor or MP), asking them to get involved in the event, using the templates provided on the Fostering Network website.

If you are an avid user of social media platforms Facebook, X (formerly Twitter) and/or LinkedIn, you can also download headers to use on your personal page to inform followers and site users of the event, and hopefully create conversation.

You can do this by downloading placards from the Fostering Network, writing about the highlights of your community and posting this on your page.

Frequently asked questions

Those who have heard of fostering, but are not sure about the process involves, may have questions regarding training, eligibility and support, along with the help available for foster carers.

It is suitable for those in good health, aged 21 or over, and for those single or in a relationship.

Beacon Fostering, based in the North West, provides plenty of support through their foster network, where you can meet and train with other foster carers. You can also learn about personal experiences of those who fostered through the Testimonials section on our website.