Why Foster?

Foster care success stories

If you are considering becoming a foster carer, you may be wondering what other carers, past and current, have experienced when looking after children in need of a stable home.

Here at Beacon Fostering, we consider foster care to be a rewarding and positive experience for both carers and children in Merseyside, along with other areas of the North West.

But don’t just take our word for it. We encounter bountiful success stories here where, in spite of initial concerns or doubts, children are successfully integrated into biological families, and treated as such.

When you care for a foster child, you’re often able to introduce them to new experiences that others may take for granted, such as taking them to the beach for the first time, or encouraging a love of books.

You’ll also receive invaluable support from the wider fostering network, helping you feel connected to a larger community, or “family”.

One young person recently cited his success in life to his foster parents, having lived with them since he was 12.

According to this individual, from day one, they integrated him into their existing family life, solidifying his place there.

Despite many bumps along the way, including nearly failing his GCSEs, he secured a place studying finance and management at his local university. He stated that:

“With their support, I put in the effort I needed to get where I am today.”

If you’d like to experience this rewarding journey for yourself, reach out to Beacon Fostering to see how we can help.