Training and Support

Foster care training and support

People who become foster carers will become part of a network that provides training and support, and Beacon Fostering is no different.

We seek to not just give knowledge to foster carers in Merseyside, Preston and Chester, but we can also provide advice to help carers evolve in their role through courses, meetings and events.


Regular training is part of becoming a foster carer, and takes place before and after approval, as well as throughout your career as a foster parent.

Mandatory topics include safeguarding, first aid and medication. There is also specialist training, which is particularly useful when looking after children with complex needs, and support to gain qualifications as well.

Support groups and networks

There is plenty of support available for foster families throughout their journey.

Therapists run individual and group sessions, helping the carers understand their children’s behaviour and mindset. Foster carers are also allocated social workers, who act as a main point of contact for families.

Starting from before they’re approved, they aid in cultivating relationships with the local fostering collective. They monitor the progress of carers and answer any questions they may have.

Young people and children are also a major focus of the fostering journey besides their carers. Their experiences and views are valuable in understanding their needs and improving the services that Beacon Fostering offers. We can help them with accessing local opportunities in the North West, where they can make friends, learn about career opportunities and develop crucial life skills.

If you’d like to become a member of our community, request a callback with Beacon Fostering today.