Fostering allowances

Competitive foster carer payments

Beacon Fostering has a comprehensive fostering payment that reflects the hard work and effort put in by foster carers.

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The payment is on a weekly basis, and is determined by the placement type, needs of the child or young person, and your experience as a foster carer.

The foster payment level is currently up to £750 per week for placements that are enhanced or complex. The core level payment for mainstream placements is above £450 per week (for each child or young person).

Your total carer payment for each child or young person includes an allowance and reward element to make up the overall total. Weekly rates are reviewed at the end of each financial year for any relevant increases.

Allowance element

  • This is the element of your foster carer payment that counts towards the cost for the child or young person, and covers:
• Food

• Clothing (including initial clothing and school uniform)

• Transport costs for school, contact or activities

• Pocket money

• Personal costs

• Holiday costs or hobbies

• Household bills

• Education support costs

• Celebrations for birthdays or religious events

There are minimum levels set by DFE (Department for Education) by age bands. For example, ages 11 to 15 can access up to £199 per week. Beacon Fostering levels are in excess of these to provide higher financial support.

Reward element

  • This is the amount you retain after the cost for the child or young person, paid from the allowances element. It is aimed to provide you with relevant income overall from fostering and to recognise your efforts.
Beacon Fostering is flexible on our financial support level, and we can always consider specific needs, support levels or costs. Providing you with competitive and a full carer payment is our priority.

Fostering is subject to income tax, but after a fostering tax-free allowance. We have provided further information here

Please contact us to ask about your foster carer payment with Beacon Fostering when joining, or if you are an existing foster carer.