Preparing to Foster

Fostering children from a different cultural background

Normally, when matching children with foster carers, a fostering agency will seek to pair those with similar or matching faiths and cultures.

However, this isn’t always possible, which is why, at Beacon Fostering, we have put together advice for carers looking after a child or children of a different race, culture or religion.

Ensuring that they know of and are unashamed of their heritages is key in ensuring confidence in their identities.


In preparation for their arrival, look up the child’s language (if need be), dishes from their culture, songs, clothes, music and if needed, how to look after their hair.

For religious children, investigate their religious traditions, rules and holidays. Buying books for the child that educate them about their culture is also helpful.

Hair care

Children with Black heritage (whether full or partial) require different hair care to other races and ethnicities. Their hair is unique in that it coils, gets dry easily and requires specific care.

Leading back into research, make sure you know how to take care of their hair, and encourage them to participate in this activity. You could take them to a hairdresser that specialises in Afro hair, learn via tutorials on the internet, or friends and neighbours in your area.

Celebrations and social opportunities

Encourage your foster child to spend time with people from their background, either through after school activities, clubs or events.

Similarly, for religious children, take them to their place of worship and faith-related events in your local area. These also serve as excellent places to meet with other members of their culture and be in touch with their heritages.

For more information how you can ease the transition of a child coming into your care, reach out to our team today.