Fostering in Blackpool today! How can you make a difference?

Blackpool in Lancashire shares the fostering challenges of many other Local Authorities across England and indeed its neighbouring areas including Preston and Lancaster. There is a continued need for specific placement types in Blackpool area including enhanced, challenging teenagers, parent and child and sibling groups. It is important to complete relevant training to support children with enhanced or complex needs. Beacon Fostering’s training is tailored and focused for your development of foster carers based in Blackpool.

There are over 500 children in care in Blackpool and providing care and outcomes through fostering is the highest level of support. Against this however, is the continued difficulty of recruiting foster carers locally in Blackpool. To be a foster carer, the key requirements include the spare room, being aged 21 or above and being in good health overall. The other area is having time for fostering and the child or young person placed with you.

If you are local in Blackpool, we would love to speak to you to explore your interest in fostering. Our local recruitment can visit all areas across Blackpool to meet with you.

Areas of Blackpool where you can become foster carers and we are recruiting include Anchorsholme, Bispham, Layton, Marton and Squires Gate. There also other local town and communities supported by Beacon Fostering including Fleetwood, Poulton-le-Fylde, Kirkham, Lytham, Thornton and Freckleton.

If you become a foster carer in Blackpool, you will understand the difference you can make to children and young persons through providing a safe environment, protecting them and supporting their education and overall well being.

Summary of Blackpool areas for foster carers

Areas supported by Beacon Fostering and where your social worker will visit to support you:

· Foster carers in Blackpool

· Foster carers in Fleetwood

· Foster carers in Poulton-le-Fylde

· Foster carers in Lytham

· Foster carers in Freckleton

· Foster carers in Kirkham

· Foster carers in Thornton

Each fostering household in Blackpool area has access to our out of hour support, full fostering allowances, therapeutic intervention, specialist training and relevant membership.

The agency will be holding local events in Blackpool including activities for children and young persons at the local Blackpool Pleasure Beach. You can meet with other

Blackpool foster carers to share your experiences and time together. It is also important to celebrate achievements together and outcomes.

If you are Blackpool based, please do contact us or request a call back!

If you are a potential foster carer living in Blackpool or nearby, you can also download a Guide to Fostering here