Fostering Siblings

Have you ever thought about fostering siblings?

When any child goes into foster care, it is extremely tough for them, but this can be worse for siblings, as being separated from your brothers and sisters is a possibility and one which can make the experience even harder.

Due to the current shortage of foster carers in the UK, finding foster carers who are able to take more than one child has become increasingly difficult and keeping siblings together is becoming extremely challenging but local authorities, social workers and agencies like Beacon Fostering will always try to ensure that siblings remain together, as siblings staying together often has a more positive impact on their placement.

A 2020 study by a BBC File on 4 Freedom of Information request to the Department of Education revealed that more than half of fostered siblings are split up. If more siblings are still at the family home or in foster care elsewhere, they will need reassurance about how they are coping and if they are being cared for properly. At Beacon Fostering, we believe siblings should be kept together and are hunting to recruit foster carers for siblings in the North West.

If you’re interested in looking after siblings and have one spare double bedroom, you’ll be able to care for two brothers or two sisters. However, you would need two spare rooms to foster a brother and sister.

If you have the space, time and commitment to foster brothers and sisters, we’d love to hear from you. Contact us now –> Request a Callback | Beacon Fostering