Fostering vs Adoption

There is often some confusion in differentiating between fostering and adoption. Within this blog, I will attempt to make understanding the differences between the two easier.

Though there are of course many differences between the two, ultimately, both adoption and fostering see people taking care of vulnerable children and young people and offering them a place to stay as well as giving them the love and support that they need and have perhaps lacked in the past.

Deciding on whether you want to foster or adopt is an extremely difficult decision that requires careful consideration. Whether your decision is to foster, or adopt, you are making a huge difference to a child or young person’s life.

Differences between fostering and adoption

Length of time – When adopting a child, you commit to looking after them on a permanent basis and they are a part of your family forever. On the contrary, fostering varies in length. You can have long-term placements, short-term and temporary placements or respite placements when it comes to fostering. Some fostering placements can last years and see the foster family taking the child/young person in right through until adulthood, whereas others are temporary placements, benefitting the child/young person whilst their plans for their long-term future are being made.

Legality – Perhaps the biggest difference between the two is the legality difference between fostering and adoption. When adopting a child or young person, you become their parents and legally claim responsibility of them. In fostering, this is not the case. The legal responsibility of the child/young person remains in the hands of either their birth parents/family or their local authority. The local authority therefore places children and young persons with foster carers to help with day-to-day care, whilst remaining responsible for the child/young person. This can be foster carers recruited by the local authority themselves or an independent fostering agency.

Social workers – When you have been granted your Adoption Order, you are likely to not continue to receive support from social workers. You can continue to access support if you need it by contacting your adoption agency, however, social workers are not likely to be involved through ongoing support. When fostering, social workers will continue to have contact with foster carers and support them throughout the entire process with consistent visits. Support will also include training.

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