The Benefits of Fostering

How to develop meaningful connections

What makes the journey of foster care so rewarding?

Many people find that the true essence of foster care can be found in the meaningful connections forged. When you become a foster parent, you are transforming the life of a child as well as yourself.

Along the way, there are moments that will see you begin to understand the unique individual in your care, and for them to understand you. As you provide safety and security to a child, and treat them with patience and empathy, a relationship will start to build.

The challenges of fostering are there to be navigated by you and the child in your care. As you share these experiences together, a bond will naturally form. Many foster carers grow to be a trusted advocate, mentor and confidant in a child’s life, becoming much more than simply a source of stability.

This positive relationship can affect the way the foster child behaves towards the other people in their life, becoming a mental framework that shows them how to develop other meaningful relationships.

It’s not uncommon for foster carers to learn their own lessons on the fostering journey, while receiving an invaluable alternative perspective.

One of the genuine rewards of foster care is not material or financial. It is simply the profound impact you can have on a child’s life, and with that, the relationship that is formed. There can be both joy and sadness on this journey, and that is how a true connection is made.

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