Partnership working

Beacon Fostering is committed to partnership working and developing strong relationships with all the Local Authorities that we are engaged with.

Our team has an excellent record of developing and supporting positive outcomes together for the children and young persons that your Local Authority is responsible for.

Partnership success is achieved through:

• Excellent and regular communication

• Sharing feedback

• Sharing best practice

• Monitoring and tracking outcomes and any intervention required

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Placement types

We recognise the challenges faced by Local Authorities relating to the number of children coming into care, pressure on funding and overall resources.

The ongoing trend for many Local Authorities is reflected in the growing demand for placement types below:

• Challenging teenagers

• Large sibling groups

• Enhanced or complex needs

• UASC young persons

Our recruitment focus and service development is targeted at foster carers that can support these placement types.

Safeguarding and contact

Our lead for safeguarding issues and complaints is our Registered Manager, Priankar Ghosh. Please kindly share any information or questions you may have relating to any safeguarding areas or service standards. We encourage feedback, and are always looking to meet and exceed your expectations.

You can contact Priankar on

We share our key safeguarding policies (minimum annually) with our Local Authority partners.

Quality Assurance and documentation

We undertake regular quality assurance work to maintain our standards and ensure compliance with the Fostering Regulations. This includes 1:1 file audits and regular internal inspections.

If there is any documentation or commissioning reporting that your Local Authority requires from Beacon Fostering, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will also share regular updates with yourselves on any documents required – for example, PEPs, care plans or pathway plans.