Insurance and practical considerations

When fostering, it is important to consider the practical areas like your insurance arrangements. This is to avoid events happening which then may not be covered by your insurance as you may expect. This would relate to your home insurance and car insurance to ensure they cover fostering generally and specifically for your children and young persons (being fostered as part of your household). It is also relevant to consider the child or young person and their belongings. 

For insurance, it would be expected that companies would include children fostered under the relevant agreement as being household members. This is however only if you notify them and it is important that you take this step. The best assurance is to notify them in written format (email) and then receive confirmation back. If you have this written correspondence, you have a clear record for any future claims or documentation.

What are the common areas to consider and plan for?

This may include the following:

• Level of cover for accidental damage

• Any history of claims or costs from the behaviour or actions from a child or young persons

• Ensuring insurance companies acknowledge being a foster carer

• Any cover for the child or young person’s own possessions and items – this could be for example their mobile phone, laptop or other personal items

• Level of insurance if a child or young person may cause wilful damage

• Cover you have personally relating to allegations, complaints or other areas

• Level of cover relating to legal costs or other costs when claims arise

This content is provided for information purposes only. We recommend you take specific advice where needed for your insurance cover and ask any questions where relevant.