Introducing Beacon Fostering!

Beacon Fostering is an agency with a family ethos and focus on the North West of England, being linked to one of its founding directors, Simon Williams.

Simon is locally from Preston, Lancashire and the agency is named after Beacon Fell which is a country park for outdoor activities for children and families together. Simon visited here regularly when growing up and promoting sports, hobbies and activities for families together is a key value for Beacon Fostering. Other values and aims include staying safe, being healthy, making a positive contribution, respecting other and achieving economic well being.

Beacon Fell
Beacon Fell Country Park

The agency is privately owned and operated overall between Simon and our three other founding social workers, Muhammad Haneef, Karamjit Dhull and Naseem Ahmed. Together the team have nearly 100 years experience in the fostering sector and aim to grow the Beacon Fostering family together to benefit children, families, team members and others. Beacon is successfully supported with its partner agency, Sunbeam Fostering.