Is Fostering A Good Career?

There is currently a shortage of foster carers across the country.  During this blog we will be discussing whether fostering is a good career choice and why you should consider fostering with Beacon Fostering today.

Why should I foster?

In the UK, there are on average 30,000 children and young people who enter the foster care system every year, many of whom have been a victim of neglect and abuse. Due to this, being a foster carer can be a difficult career, but it is also critical that these children can be given stability, support, comfort and of course love.

Fostering is a rewarding career that goes beyond a job as you make bonds that can last a lifetime, often being in touch with many children and young people who will stay in your hearts and minds long after their foster placement has ended and they enter adulthood.

Fostering Earnings

Fostering can also be a career that is rewarding financially. At Beacon Fostering we offer carer payments of up to £750 a week, depending on the needs of the child. You can find out more about the carer payments Beacon Fostering offers by clicking this link –> Fostering allowances | Beacon Fostering

We also have a foster allowance calculator which helps give you and idea of the expected payment you can receive from fostering. GIVE IT A GO –> Foster allowance calculator | Beacon Fostering

Is Fostering considered a full-time career?

Yes! Fostering is deemed as a full-time job as foster carers should see the children and young people that they foster as their priority and their main responsibility, giving them emotional and physical support necessary. Due to this, working a hectic job alongside fostering can be seen as compromising stability. Despite this, within fostering, you’re likely to consider various different placements and periods of time without a foster placement and therefore without carer payments – which is why fostering as a couple or with back-up carers and a good strong family support network is a good idea, so work and care within the household can be managed and it can allow for more flexibility.

What is your employment status when you agree to foster?

When becoming a foster carer, you are classed as self-employed and should therefore register with HMRC.

Find out more about financial and tax information when fostering with Beacon –> Financial information and tax | Beacon Fostering

In Summary

To summarise, fostering is a rewarding yet challenging career with many different benefits. During your time as a foster carer, Beacon Fostering offers therapeutic support and training to help you.

If you have a spare room and are considering becoming a foster carer, complete our call back form and sign up to foster with Beacon –> Request a Callback | Beacon Fostering