Do foster carers pay tax?

One question we are frequently asked is whether or not foster carers are required to pay tax on their carer payments. It is helpful for all of us to understand

What is the average pay for foster carers?

The average pay for foster carers is difficult to understand as there is no requirement for fostering agencies or local authorities to share or disclose their foster carer payment rate.

Fostering disabled children

Whether they have a physical or mental disability, disabled children who enter foster care in Cheshire require support from loving families and environments, sometimes even more than their able-bodied counterparts.

Supporting LGBTQ+ foster children

There may be a case during your foster care journey where you are fostering a child that is either already part of the LGBTQ+ community, or will come out to

Teaching foster children about prejudice

If you are raising a foster child from a non-white background, at some point you’ll likely need to educate them about social injustice. Whatever your foster child’s background, it is

Supporting Foster Children With Complex Needs

Children with complex needs face a multitude of challenges on a daily basis, often requiring tailored support systems to navigate the complexities of daily life. With a range of intersecting

The importance of fostering sibling sets

Entering foster care is a tough time for any child to experience, however it can be harder when they have siblings. Sometimes, they are separated into different homes, which can

Therapeutic foster care – what you need to know

Therapeutic fostering refers to fostering children who have gone through particularly challenging experiences. It differs from standard foster care in that specific, specialist support is required for looking after these

What is the hardest part of fostering?

What is the hardest part of fostering? Fostering can have a profound emotional impact, both positively and negatively. In this blog, we'll be discussing the challenges when becoming a foster

Parent and child fostering scenarios

When you think of fostering, looking after children who cannot be raised by their families of origin often comes to mind. However, there is also parent and child fostering, where

Fostering Siblings

Have you ever thought about fostering siblings? When any child goes into foster care, it is extremely tough for them, but this can be worse for siblings, as being separated

Is Fostering A Good Career?

There is currently a shortage of foster carers across the country.  During this blog we will be discussing whether fostering is a good career choice and why you should consider

Foster representation in television

Many of us seek media that represent varied experiences and backgrounds, and foster care is no different. Seeing authentic representation of foster care can have an impact on children –

Can I work and be a foster carer?

If you are in work, whether this is self-employed or through employment, the area to look at here is if you would have the time to support a child or

At What Age Can I Be A Foster Carer?

When considering being a foster carer, this is a relevant question as you may feel you are too young or possibly too old. This of course depends on your age,

Fostering children from the Muslim faith

Children who come into foster care have a wide variety of cultural backgrounds, and when a carer is looking after a child from a different faith or culture, there are

What are the types of fostering providers?

The provision of foster care for children and young persons to support their well being is from the hard work and commitment of foster carers. The foster carers themselves need

Can I choose my foster child?

Whether you are considering fostering, or are just getting started in your foster care journey, you may be wondering if you can choose the child that you will be fostering.

Fostering with Pets!

Can I be a foster carer if I have pets? In this blog we aim to inform you about fostering with pets. This is an area that can be misunderstood

Helping your child start school

When children enter foster care, they will need to adjust to a new routine, especially if they are moving schools or are about to transition from primary to secondary education.

How to Switch Fostering Agencies?

One question we regularly get asked, is from foster carer's who are interested in switching fostering agencies to join Beacon.  Switching fostering agencies is not as difficult as you may

Myths about fostering teenagers – debunked

One of the most common myths regarding foster care is that carers are unwilling to look after teenagers. This often occurs due to the stereotypes that they are aggressive, loud

Reunification process – what you need to know

In the fostering system, reunification refers to foster children leaving their foster homes and going back to their biological families. At Beacon Fostering, we not only ensure that children are

Celebrities who grew up in foster care

Actors, musicians, sportspeople. It might seem surprising, but once upon a time, some of these people were once in foster care themselves. Here at Beacon Fostering, we believe that the

How to choose a fostering agency

Now that you have decided to foster with an agency, you’re probably wondering where to look. Here at Beacon Fostering, we understand that there are many factors to consider when

Children’s rights in the UK

Children’s rights refer to the basic rights and freedoms of those under the age of 18. They consider the foundations that every child should have, such as education, having their

Fostering vs Adoption

There is often some confusion in differentiating between fostering and adoption. Within this blog, I will attempt to make understanding the differences between the two easier. Though there are of

Promoting Fostering!

To build on the good work and activities from Foster Care Fortnight, we are keen to continue to raise the awareness of fostering, the positive outcomes and achievements. We would

Activities for foster families

When you take in a foster child, you might be wondering what activities you can do to make them feel like part of the family. Here at Beacon Fostering, we

Rob Burrow – A Beacon of Hope!

At Beacon Fostering, we would like to share our best wishes and thoughts to the family and friends of Rob Burrow following his passing. Rob was a brilliant inspiration against

Fostering recruitment hubs go live!

The Government plan and initiatives through “Stable Home, Built on Love” are now taking effect and being implemented. This is with the development and set up of fostering recruitment hubs

Types of foster placements

Children often come into care for a variety of reasons. To accommodate this, there are different types of foster placements available, depending on circumstances. In this blog, we’ll discuss the