Our vision and aims

Beacon Fostering is focused on providing the best support to each child, young person, foster carer, team member and other professionals. This is a commitment from everyone at the agency.
Photo by Kelly Sikkema

Every Child Matters

There are 5 key outcomes covered by this focus, which are at the core of our service delivery, and concerns the wellbeing for children and young persons:

Be healthy
Enjoy and achieve
Staying safe
Making a positive contribution
Achieving economic wellbeing

These 5 areas shall run through the agency in everything we seek to achieve.

Key values for Our Vision

The agency’s success, development and service delivery are underpinned by 6 key areas:

1. Exceeding and ensuring compliance with the fostering regulations

2. Providing excellent care to every child and young person to achieve excellent outcomes

3. Having a “family ethos" across the agency

4. Maintain financial stability to support the agency and have business continuity

5. Meeting and exceeding Local Authority expectations and requirements

6. Providing excellent support to our foster carers and staff – including their development, growth and confidence to be the best they can be.

When joining the agency, every foster carer, team member and other professional shall receive information on “Our Vision” through their 1:1 induction.

For more information, reach out to our team today to arrange a callback.

Photo by Sebastián León Prado