Preparing to Foster

Preparing your home for a foster child

When preparing to welcome a foster child into their home, you’ll need to consider how to create a friendly, welcoming environment they’ll be happy to call home.

Below are some tips from Beacon Fostering on how to achieve this.

Make the home a safe space

Reduce or eliminate the risk of injury in the house by checking smoke detectors and alarms. If you’re fostering very small children, it can be a good idea to secure the windows.

Ensure that cleaning products, medications and sharp objects are also locked away.

Provide fidget items

Not just for neurodivergent children, fidget items can be valuable tools for self-regulation, calming the child and making them feel less anxious.

Examples include fidget spinners, cubes with buttons and play dough. In fact, anything that is bright, colourful, textured and flexible will be effective, and available at an everyday household shop at low prices.

Home comforts

You should ensure to provide a dressing gown, towel, slippers and night clothes in neutral colours, as well as clean bedding. This shows that you have thought of them before their arrival.

It’s best to check with the child if they’re comfortable for items of theirs to be washed, cleaned or thrown away, since they may be connected to an important time or place in their life.

A night light, good for all ages of children, can also be a good idea in managing their sleep and providing the reassurance of a safe environment.

If you’d like more information on foster care in Stockport and the North West, reach out to the team at Beacon Fostering today.