Reasons to join Beacon Fostering

Beacon Fostering is a leading agency focused on the North West region and there are many reasons to join us. Please see the highlights below, and feel free to contact us and explore your interest in fostering.
Photo by Paige Cody
Beacon Fostering Family

You will be joining an agency with a family ethos – every foster carer is part of the family, and you will receive 1:1 support to feel fully valued.

Therapeutic intervention and support

We will organise and provide access to therapists when needed, increase home visits and provide support workers. This is through your Beacon Therapeutic support.

Local authority links

Beacon works closely with the Local Authorities in the North West – we have a “partnership” approach to do the best for each child and young person.

Full fostering payment

Carer payment levels of up £750 per week (for each child or young person). This is based on their needs, support levels and outcomes.

Senior experience

Our senior team has over 100 years’ experience together, and extensive knowledge of the fostering sector. This is through successful social work and direct work with children and foster carers.

Excellent training and development

Your training will be focused, with targets. There will be access to 100+ online training and other specialist courses through the year.

Beacon Sporting Chance

This is an initiative to support and promote sports, activities and hobbies for young persons. We will help financially with equipment, events and support to make this happen.

Talented staff

Our staff are qualified, skilled and committed to your support. Staff will be recruited at a high level and supported in their development.

Superb activities for children

Regular events are organised that reflect the fun and enjoyment that children and young persons wish to have. This will include fun days, summer club events, day trips and children’s awards.

Stable placements

This is key priority, and matching placements effectively and ensuring good stability for everyone in your household. Extra support and intervention will be important areas.

Promoting diversity

We promote diversity and recruit from all backgrounds. Speaking and linking up different languages together is important, along with celebrating key events like Black History Month.

Foster Talk membership and engagement

Each foster carer will be enrolled in membership with Foster Talk to provide extra support, access and benefits.

Social media and technology matters

We will use technology and the best software across the agency to keep your data secure and communicate together. Social media is important to manage the risks to children and young persons.

Local support groups

Regular events and support groups will be held to bring us together to share experience, spend time together and support each other.

Beacon Voice

This is all about listening to you, your foster children, professionals and staff. The agency focuses its development on your feedback, and the Beacon Voice initiative will capture this.

Care Leaver outcomes

We will track Care Leaver outcomes, including where young persons move to, their education or employment and other achievements. We will celebrate these together.

For more information, please get in touch with our team at Beacon Fostering today.