Beacon Fostering are recruiting foster carers in Bury

Beacon Fostering is focusing locally on the support and recruitment of foster carers in Bury, Lancashire. Simon, Director at Beacon Fostering commented – “It has been great to meet potential carers locally recently and progress their interest in becoming foster carers. Bury has a great local community and we hope to a make difference through supporting children and young persons here.”

At March 2023, there were 350 children and young persons in care for Bury Local Authority to support directly and indirectly through fostering and other care providers.

This level has increased from 335 children and young persons at March 2019. The increase is at 4.4% over the 5 year period. For the children and young persons at the end of March 2023, 129 were placed outside the Bury Local Authority boundary, showing the importance of recruiting more carers locally in Bury.

Other local areas where we are looking to recruit and support foster carers in Bury and surrounding areas includes:

· Radcliffe

· Whitefield

· Heywood

· Tottington

· Ramsbottom.

If you have a home locally in Bury and with a spare room for fostering, we would love to hear from you! Our local team member can visit you for discuss your interest in fostering and cover your questions.

Bury is well known for its local market and famous black pudding! There are fun locations locally with East Lancashire Railway, Burrs Country Park and Peel Tower. Beacon Fostering organises local activities for children and young persons and this includes Bury region.

Bury has a diverse population covering different religions and ethnicities. Beacon Fostering is committed to our policy and focus on promoting equality and diversity. We support and recruit foster carers from all backgrounds.

Your process to become a foster carer starts with making an enquiry!!!

Please see our Call Back Request form where you contact us today

We would then call you at a convenient time to discuss everything about fostering, the local needs for children and young persons in Bury, your local support and next steps.