Simon Williams

Simon is an experienced fostering professional and is a Director and Founder at Beacon Fostering, a locally based fostering in agency in North West England with a family and therapeutic focus.

With over 20 years experience in the fostering sector directly with agencies on their development, and strategy, Simon combines an excellent knowledge of fostering, practice, business development and financial management. Simon successfully held senior roles with Sunbeam Fostering for 10 years supporting the agency to continue its focus on positive outcomes and growth.

Simon is passionate about the development of Beacon Fostering being local to the North West and wanting to help make a difference for children and young persons. 

Profile photo Simon Williams

• Foster carer support

• Commissioning and Local Authority engagement

• Fostering agency development

• Helping teams deliver positive outcomes for children and young persons

• Corporate finance

• Marketing and recruitment  


• CEO, Sunbeam Fostering

• Fostering Executive Member – (National Association of Fostering Providers)

• Finance Director, One Education

• Fostering Corporate Finance Advisor – Grant Thornton, Hazlewoods 

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