Simon’s Story – National Share A Story Month

Foster Care Fortnight has now ended, but as we are still in National Share a Story month, we thought we’d continue sharing our #FosteringMoments. Within this blog, you will see a story from our CEO, Simon Williams.

Working in the fostering sector is definitely challenging at times but the stories and progress by children and young person’s very much make this worthwhile – this is what motivates you to help others and make a difference. I have met many children and young persons over my fostering career and each individual is important with their own story, difficulties at times and hurdles they overcome. The same is true with foster carers, in that there can be setbacks, and it can be hard to find all the time we need but resilience is a characteristic that so many foster carers have! This gives people the extra drive to do the best for children and young persons and is so often why people first start out as foster carers.

The key theme of each fostering story is the amazing achievements and also the support shown by their foster carers, support network and professionals. It is hard to single any individual, but I remember the progress of young person AH first supported by the Sunbeam Family from the end of 2018. This young person was attending college, doing well in his studies and progressing well to manage his dyslexia. The young person had a real passion for art and was successful linking up with the Tate Modern for summer courses. He also showed business acumen with undertaking vocational courses in catering. The support from his foster carer was excellent and young person AH had a great smile! He has now progressed successfully to independence at the end of 2023 with good future prospects personally and professionally.