Support and Training at Beacon Fostering

Our leading focus and highest priority

Beacon Fostering aims to provide a high level of support to our carers, and will look at every opportunity for you to develop and progress in your role as guardian.

We want you to be the best foster carer you can be, feel empowered, valued and appreciated. This is achieved through listening to your needs, tailoring your support and also recognising your achievements.

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Support overview

Your support package includes:

Your fostering support package

Regular and engaged support from your allocated social worker. They carry low caseloads, giving them the capacity and time to spend with you and your foster children
Minimum monthly supervision visits, and weekly sessions for therapeutic or higher needs placements
Access to dedicated training through face-to-face groups, virtual and online meetings
Out of hours support
Membership to FosterTalk
Regular events for foster carers and children
Effective utilisation of your vacancies through effective matching
Listening to you through “Beacon Voice” on agency development or other feedback
Competitive and full foster carer payments
Respite breaks
Access to specialist therapists for your support
Regular support groups
Celebration allowances for children and young persons
Funding for activities for young persons through “Beacon Sporting Chance”
Secure IT access for recording and documentation to provide guidance
Access and contact from Senior Management
Being part of the Beacon Family, and the opportunity to link with other foster carers

Training focus and delivery

The personal development and training for each Beacon Fostering carer is an important focus for us. We will agree with you on an annual training plan that builds on your experience, knowledge and reflects any extra training for different placement types, or the behaviour of children and young persons.

If you are new to fostering, your training will start with Skills to Foster – a focused 2-day course on your introduction to fostering.

In your first 12 months of fostering after approval, every foster carer will be supported to achieve your “Training, Support and Development” certificate. This covers care including:

• Safeguarding and safer caring• Child protection

• Supporting with children that have been abused or neglected

• Identity and self esteem

• Preparing young persons for adulthood

• First aid

• Records and record keeping

• Education for children and young persons

• Managing contact

• Child protection

• Managing challenging behaviour

• Health and safety

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Beacon Therapeutic

Following your first 12 months with Beacon, or if you are already experienced carers, you can undertake further training to be Beacon Therapeutic Foster Carers. This will provide you with the knowledge and training to support children or young persons with enhanced or complex needs. Example courses would include:

• Managing placement breakdowns and interventions

• Caring for large sibling groups

• Safe handling of medication

• Child sexual exploitation (CSE)

• Self-harming behaviours

You can also be supported to access specific qualifications – for example, Level 3 Diploma in Therapeutic Parenting.