Preparing to Foster

Tips for creating a welcoming space

When you welcome a child into your home, arguably the most important space is their bedroom.

As this is a personal area where they will rest and spend time alone, the bedroom must provide comfort and encourage a sense of belonging.

In this article, we’ll offer some tips on creating a comfy bedroom.

Choose a calming colour palate

When considering the colour of the walls and bedsheets, note that soft tones such as pale blue, grey and green can promote a feeling of relaxation.

Create a sense of comfort

Within your budget, try to add as many cosy textures as possible, adding thick and comfortable blankets and pillows.

Adequate storage

Your foster child needs to organise their belongings in order to feel at home, so be sure to provide storage space such as shelving, a dresser or a wardrobe. Being able to store their personal items will add to a sense of belonging and homeliness.

Personal touches

Is your foster child a football fanatic or an avid fan of a TV series or band?

If you can, personal elements to reflect their hobbies and interests make a great touch.

Focus on functionality

Aside from the comfort and storage aspect, does your foster child’s bedroom meet their needs? A space to do homework, such as a work surface or desk, can come in handy; especially if there is limited room elsewhere in the house.

It’s only natural to have questions and concerns relating to becoming a foster parent, and the team at Beacon Fostering is here to support you. To learn more about our network for foster care, reach out today.