Transferring FAQ

Photo by Aaron Burden

Transferring fostering agency

Can I transfer fostering agency?

Yes – you can transfer fostering agency or transfer to Beacon Fostering from your local authority. This is not as difficult or challenging as you may think overall. We are also on hand to help with every step.

What happens to my Form F assessment?

You will need a new Form F assessment for this to be presented to the Beacon Fostering panel. Your current Form F assessment is with your existing agency and therefore cannot be transferred. Having been assessed before, however, saves time, and we can prioritise on the period since your last Form F assessment.

How long does it take to transfer?

Your transfer process can be “fast tracked” by Beacon Fostering. We won’t take any short cuts or not complete a full transfer process, but we can complete this on a timely basis and avoid any delays. We overall would aim to complete your transfer process in 3 months or shorter.

What happens if I have children placed with me now?

This is different for each child or young person, however generally the children placed with you can move across when you transfer agency. This would be discussed with each local authority responsible for the child or young person placed with you. It is important to work closely in partnership and plan for practical considerations.

Feel free to get in touch with us if you have any more questions or download our Transferring Guide using the button below: