Transferring with a child or young person

The focus of Beacon Fostering is on the best interests of the child or young person. Their happiness, wellbeing, outcomes and support are our priority.

We welcome and support transfers of foster carers with children in placement. Please see the summary below of the extra steps alongside your transfer process or download our Transferring Guide using the button below:

Photo by Dimitri Karastelev

Step 1

Notification shared

After deciding to transfer, you give your notification to your fostering provider and the relevant Local Authority that is responsible for the child or young person (or more than one Local Authority, if more than one child has been placed from differing Local Authorities)

Step 2

Professionals are informed

The placing Local Authority will update and let the Independent Reviewing Officer (IRO) know. This will result in a meeting to be organised within 28 days, with the Local Authority (their social worker and contract officer), team member from Beacon Fostering and team member from the existing fostering provider.

Step 3

Transfer protocol meeting held

The meeting will cover the best interests of the child or young person, including:

• Covering the last Care Review and the future Care Plan

• Any impact on the child or young person on the transfer – for example, transport to school, access to activities, and their relationships

• Specific needs for the child or young person and ensuring their support is comprehensive – also deciding the move is in their interests

• Communication on ending the approval with your existing fostering provider

• Timetable and next steps

Step 4

Practical information and arrangements

We will engage and work with all parties to share the approval dates for your transfer, notification of 28 days’ notice, and changes to documentation.

The above steps happen alongside your overall Transfer Process as outlined. We can support you with every step, and don’t be afraid to reach out with any questions you have – now, or at any time. Our team are experienced in managing a high number of transfers, with an enormously successful track record.