Transfer process

Step-By-Step Guide to Transferring

Transferring is easier than you may think - and we are here to help with every step.
Photo by Joshua Rodriguez
The move between fostering agencies or from your Local Authority provider to join us is entirely possible, and we are here to support you, making the process go as smoothly as possible to meet your expectations.

The actual transfer process will differ slightly depending on your circumstances, time in fostering, and reasons for moving. To help cover this, please see the steps below in overview or download our Guide to Transferring using the button below.

If you have a child or young person in placement, please see the extra link below also.

Step 1

Contact us

Reach out to us, and we can talk over your transfer and look to fast track this and work within your timescales. This is where the support starts, and a member of our experienced fostering team can cover all your questions and information. We can also finalise your fostering payment support package and related allowances.

Step 2

Decision to transfer is made

We will share the relevant notification with your existing fostering agency or local authority that you wish to transfer to Beacon Fostering.

Step 3

Assessment process starts

Your experienced and skilled assessor will be allocated and will make a home visit. At the same time, we will start your checks, references and medical information request.

Step 4

Knowledge and information sharing

We will talk through all the information together, covering your experiences and helping to plan your future development together as a foster parent.

Step 5

Training and engagement

‘Skills To Foster’ training dates will be shared, and you can choose to attend other specific courses if you prefer. You can also engage and meet other Beacon Fostering foster carers and professionals. You may wish to connect with another foster carer for support, or just to share your experiences and gain helpful insight.

Step 6

Panel and decision for approval

Your assessment will be presented to panel, where your recommendation to be approved foster carers will be made, and the decision will be reviewed by the Agency Decision Maker.

Step 7

Welcome to Beacon!

Following approval, you would give 28 days’ notice to your current agency or Local Authority. After the completion of 28 days, you are now a Beacon Fostering carer, and part of our family.

The above process is an overview without a child or young person in placement when you transfer. Should you be supporting a child or young person, then there are additional steps to follow.