Why foster?

Fostering is an amazing experience, and there continues to be a real shortage of fostering families.

Children and young persons need support from people like you that can show care, love and provide them with a safe home. Current figures from the Fostering Network show that there are over 6,000 fostering families needed across England. You can find out more about fostering by reading through our Guide to Fostering which you can download using the button below.

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Making a difference

You may know someone who has been in fostering, is currently fostering, or you understand the effect that fostering can have.

You will therefore have awareness of the huge difference this can make to your local children, families and the community. By becoming a foster carer, this will give you that opportunity to start a brighter future for a child and young person, and experience how this feels directly yourself.

Your experiences

In your own life, you may have experienced care, had difficult times or suffered trauma.

You will therefore know what it feels like to have the need to be safe, secure and be loved. You will be able to connect with children and young persons on a deeper level, helping them build a positive future.

Time and wanting to care for others

You may have had your own children, and they have now left your family home. This gives you time and space to care for a child or young person, and fostering could be a good consideration and way forward.

You will be well placed from your parenting experience to support a fostering child through difficult and good times.

Starting a family or parenting

Many people wish for and dream of their own family. It can, however, be difficult to achieve for some people, for many reasons.

Fostering can give you an opportunity to be a parent and enjoy the experience and happiness of bringing up children in your own home. This can help give back to a child or young person in need of safety, love and kindness.

Join Beacon Fostering

We are always looking for individuals or couples that are looking to commit to being a foster carer.

If you have a spare room, time for fostering and UK residency (or right to remain), then start your journey today by contacting us.

This service is for anyone that is entirely new to fostering, or foster carers looking to transfer.