Foster Care Fortnight – Priankar’s fostering story

During Foster Care Fortnight, we thought we’d share some of our team’s favourite fostering stories. Below, you’ll see our Interim Registered Manager Priankar Ghosh’s most memorable moment working in fostering. #FosteringMoments

It was the year 2017 and I was the Social Worker for a foster family (Mr and Mrs RH). The Foster Carers were experienced parents and had successfully raised their son and daughter, who were also keen on embarking on their fostering journey. Heavily, influenced by their parents’ contribution made in the lives of several children and young people, Mr and Mrs RH’s son and daughter also applied to become foster carers with the Fostering service, with their respective partners, after moving into their own accommodation.

During the initial years, of Mr and Mrs RH’s Fostering journey, they had cared for a young person (GL), who had come to the UK, seeking asylum, due to war and social turmoil in his home country. GL had reportedly lost contact with his birth family, who had been territorially displaced due to disturbances by the Government opposing forces. GL initially presented himself as timid, disengaged towards education, structured activities, and expressed his distraught on missing his family. During the tenure of the placement, GL was offered therapeutic input from CAMHS arranged by the Local Authority , to be able to understand, fathom and verbalise his emotions. He received unconditional love, acceptance and was introduced to football by Mr and Mrs RH’s son, which GL engaged with and thoroughly enjoyed.

The Foster Carers worked closely with the Local Authority to trace GLs family back in his home country, through the Red Cross service and in addition to this, the Foster Carers daughter supported GL in learning English language skills to be able to amalgamate in the UK. GL has now moved to independence and has been granted asylum in the UK.

GL remains very much part of Mr and Mrs RH’s family and visits them for family events and meals. GL continues to visit Mr and Mrs RH’s son and daughter, who now live with their own families. GL was able to trace some of his family members in his Home Country and had initiated contact with them. GL was able to complete his GCSE’s and had enrolled in training to become a car mechanic. As per Mr and Mrs RH, GL is one of their family members and part of their lives.