Child Welfare

How to prepare foster children for leaving care

At some point during your foster care journey, the child or children you are fostering will leave your care to enter the wider world.

You may be wondering what you can do to support them and prepare them for moving out on their own. At Beacon Fostering, we seek to provide advice and guidance – not just for the fostering process and journey, but also for after a foster child’s time in foster care ends.

Here is what you need to know about preparing older children for leaving the care system.

Pathway plan

A plan for what will happen to the child when they are old enough to leave care begins when they turn 15. It details how the local authority will assist the young person in housing and employment, considering their needs and wishes, as well as any help that they might be able to access.

This pathway plan is reviewed every six months to ensure that it is continuing to meet the young person’s needs.

Communication and support

Communicating with your foster child about their future after care is crucial so that you know what you both want and where you will be going next.

Although they may find it difficult, reassure them that you are available for guidance and for a chat (via a journal or a list of questions) and that they can keep in contact with you if they want. Life skills are also important; you can show them how to manage their finances, as well as how to wash, cook and keep house.

If you require guidance on any stage of the foster care journey, reach out to a member of our Beacon Fostering team today.