Guide To Fostering

“All foster kids are troubled”: Debunking the myth

There is a common misconception surrounding those in foster care.

The stigma is often that children in the system are troubled in some way, or come from abusive backgrounds.

The truth is that foster children come from a range of diverse circumstances, and there are many scenarios that can lead to a child going into foster care.

To view all children as troubled can result in judgements that are simply unfair, and give rise to prejudices against vulnerable young people.

In many cases, a child will enter foster care for reasons completely unrelated to their own actions or behaviour. From the sickness, death or incarceration of a parent or guardian, to the neglect of a child, there are a multitude of events that can lead to a child being removed from their home and placed in the foster care system.

Apart from the fact that all foster children cannot be labelled as ‘troubled’, they often possess remarkable qualities, such as tremendous strength and resilience. Given a supportive and stable environment, after a period of adaption, many foster children begin to thrive.

Of course, this shouldn’t take away from the significant emotional and behavioural challenges that many foster children may face. This is a natural reaction to instability that presents itself when separated from their family and familiar surroundings. But with care, patience and access to the right resources, these issues can be addressed and managed.

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