Guide To Fostering

Therapeutic foster care – what you need to know

Therapeutic fostering refers to fostering children who have gone through particularly challenging experiences.

It differs from standard foster care in that specific, specialist support is required for looking after these kinds of children, with the understanding of the context behind their behaviour and the support of therapists and mental health nurses.

At Beacon Fostering, we understand that children who enter foster care due to traumatic experiences are in need of the most support. Read on to find out more about what therapeutic foster care entails.

The skills and knowledge required

Embarking on this particular foster care journey requires curiosity, openness and a willingness to expand your horizons, as well as the ability to provide a loving and stable environment.

Beacon Fostering provides a Skills to Foster course for those who are new to fostering, which takes place over two weeks. In the first year following your approval after applying, we provide training to help you achieve your certificate in ‘Training, Support and Development’. There is also additional support to access the Level 3 Diploma in Therapeutic Parenting.

Support for foster parents and foster children

We understand that a support network is essential in ensuring that you are not alone as a foster carer, and therapeutic fostering is no different.

At Beacon Fostering, you are a part of the Beacon family of foster carers, and along with being a member of FosterTalk, regular support group sessions and contact with senior management and your designated social worker, you also have the bonus of weekly visits to ensure that all is well.